Ki B'Simcha
We Make Meetings Joyful

Ki B'Simcha is a Scotland-based business meeting venue for yacht enthusiasts

We're Always Planning
Something Joyful for You

Offering day-trips, overnight stays or a special lunch or dinner

Yachting Professionals
We're Yacht Owners

Plan your next meeting with Ki B'Simcha for the joy of it!

Ki B'Simcha ™

Ki B'Simcha
Means to be Joyful!

Ki B'Simcha is all about finding the joy in everything we do so tell us what you'd like to do and we will make every effort to exceed your expectations.

Ki B'Simcha ™

We're Experienced

Our principal has more than 45 years large yacht experience and all of our crew are thoroughly trained and focused on your safety.

Ki B'Simcha ™

We're Professional

Our public facing focus is your enjoyment and entertainment, while we remain attentive to your safety.

Ki B'Simcha ™

We're Creative

Whatever your plans include, we think outside the box to ensure that your expectations are exceeded in every way.

0800 677 1898

Kestrel Assets Limited
5 South Charlotte Street
Edinburgh EH2 4AN Scotland
or 0800 677 1899 FAX

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